We're a family business of three generations enjoying working together.  

Who we Are

We bring our professionally built and custom-made mobile brick oven to festivals, farmers’ markets,weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduations, corporate lunches, parties, and more.

We begin preparing several days before an event by gathering the freshest and best ingredients - sourcing fresh Roma tomatoes locally when available - cutting wood, ordering food, slicing veggies, caramelizing onions, smoking meat, etc.

My husband and I, with one or both of our two adult kids, and sometimes preteen grandchildren, show up at least two hours before service time to set up and fire the oven to temp, 800-900 degrees.  We set up our 10x10 tent and roll out our 60” pizza prep refrigeration unit. 

We have a beautiful and unique custom-made brick oven, powered only by aged oak, that not only fires delicious pizza -- which has a flavor like no other -- but also offers the romance and aroma of wood fire, which never ceases to amaze and hypnotize people.



What we Do

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